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Jiang Su Jiusheng Printing and Dyeing Machinery Co, Ltd , the North near the Yangtze River, the area where the railway, highway into a network of vertical and horizontal, hangzhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge puts up north and south, convenient transportation Company has heat-setting machine design, production experience, has approved new heat setting machine in the development, design professionals, with rich experience in production and production technicians and mechanics Has become quite the reputation of the mechanical production companies Stenting is a proceure for finishing the final project, so setting machine design and operation techniques in deciding the important part of the fabric quality, Jiusheng improved the company completed many years of experience in shaping the new generation of machines for the industry needs to reduce labor-saving fabric tension, weft of adjustment, air flow regulation, control and trimming selvedge as heat loss and to maintain, maintenance, operation and management have outstanding performance and actual results, and machinery development and production technology development goals and the creation factory purpose




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